The perfect wallet.

Is there such a thing?

Wallets have been around for ages and pretty much all men use one. Everyone wants something different from their wallet which makes producing the perfect wallet somewhat of a dilemma. One size cannot fit all so to speak. Personally I hate a large unnecessarily bulky wallet which is uncomfortable in whichever pocket it resides.

I also find that it is very reassuring to be able to instantly tell if I am missing a card whenever I open my wallet. I am always afraid that I have mislaid a card and I do not realise until I go to use the card again.

I also find it strange that many wallets have a fastener which fits horizontally yet the cards fit vertically into their slots so are able to fall out even when the wallet is fastened. I should put a stop to that!

So to work!

I measured the thickness of four credit cards which came to around 3mm. I had a friend who worked in a bag shop so was able to measure the average thickness of a smaller empty wallet which was around 16mm. 

I decided that the average man on an average day will require, on average….

ID card

Drivers Licence

Bank Card

Credit Card

Cash (bills)

2 or 3 extras like health card, parking ticket or coupons.

Firstly a folding wallet usually will not sit flat when unfolded due to the extra material used on the rear side to allow for the expansion effect when folded, so I decided on split front portions to reduce this bulk. I decided on a suitable size to happily hold fifty euro notes. One hundred euro notes (on the rare occasion of owning one) will fit but the idea is for them to be folded and stored on one side or the other.

Extra wide card slots will happily house two cards allowing them to be easily seen for that reassurance I need. Okay, I know that’s four cards, what about the extrasWell, my first prototype had an extra pocket sewn onto the back of the wallet but that looked untidy. While working on the flap I realised that if I extended it to the full height of the wallet, it would provide a semi-hidden slot for those extra items. The flap prevents cards or money from being able to fall out once folded or snapped shut. 

The final wallet thickness is under 10mm and considerably smaller than others in height and width due to the fact that it is designed and manufactured for one particular currency rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach of many mass manufacturers. 

All wallets can be manufactured to order so you can choose leather and thread colour. Also to optimise the dimensions of the wallet you can stipulate your currency of choice. Currently these include Euro, CZK, HUF, USD.

Personalisation or customisation by colour, engraving, carving, stamping or exotic leather is sometimes possible. Just use the contact form for advice and suggestions!

Check out the shop front!

(I am currently testing a very similar Credit Card Wallet which should be available soon)

Check out the video below of the manufacturing of our Low Profile Wallet.