Tote bags seem to be becoming more and more popular and people appear to prefer high quality leather bags. Just as ladies handbags can make a statement, owners like the satisfaction of carrying a quality item. Not to mention that they are extremely useful.

I am currently designing a two 'tone' Tote bag, concentrating on the base of the bag where it gets the most wear and tear. I plan to use a very high quality waxed leather so it can withstand high use in all weathers.

Ladies bag in beautiful Veg Tan leather. One internal pocket and finished in Saddle Tan stain and Resolene.

Veg tan shoulder ladies shoulder bag.
Veg tan shoulder ladies shoulder bag.

I should give a shout-out to Marina Karlova from Tbilisi whose original design this was based on. Dimensions are approx 220x150x60mm as per the customer's requirement. It turned out to be a nice basic carry.

I have realised that with some adaptations this would make an excellent Shooting or Bushcraft bag or even a Belt bag.  

Another commission finally completed. 

There's so much hand stitching involved in this type of bag sore fingers are inevitable. Ouch.

Leather bags come in different sizes.

It's nice when the customer gets the exact size of bag to suit their needs but as these are produced using a paper template, the stitching hole distances and sizes are changed while resizing the template. This means that approximately 600 holes all have to be punched individually. 


Cinch Belt

A man's belt with a difference. Extra length (9'') adjustable, all brass fittings with no holes and buckle to wrestle with. Full information and photos coming soon!