How we do stuff.

Everything by hand. 

All stitching is carried out by hand, usually using a two needle technique which gives a kind of self locking stitch unlike that from a sewing machine. High quality waxed threads are used and a wide variety of colours are available. All products are given an application of high quality leather balm.

Follow the video links below for a brief tour of some of the tools and processes involved in the making of our products.

Stitches are usually 3-4mm apart. A groove is used where there is a posibility of wear to the thread.

This illustration shows how the thread sits in a groove which protects the thread from wear.

The left hand thread is sewn normally and sits 'proud' of the surface of the leather while the right hand shows the thread below the surface and far less prone to wear. You can see this grooving in our video below.

The following videos show a few different techniques to demonstrate how we produce different types of product and can help the viewer appreciate how much work goes into each item.

Burning the candle.

Personally, I like working late into the evening or early morning. It's quiet with no interruptions and the music I play seems to sound better.

Late nights are not unusual.
Late nights are not unusual.